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Title: To All the Licensed Insurance Brokers (West zone)
Reference No.: IRDA/BRK/MISC/NOT/001/01/2015
Date: 05/01/2015
Hands on training to the Insurance Brokers (West Zone) for Filing of return
This has reference to Authority’s circular No. IRDA/BROKER/MISC/CIR/232/10/2014 dated 21-10-2014 directing all the licensed insurance brokers to file periodical returns for the financial year 2013-14 onwards over the BAP Broker Module.
It is planned to conduct a hands-on training session for all brokers operating from West zone on 8th & 9th of Jan 2015 at Mumbai. The purpose of this training programme is to ensure that the brokers are trained in filing the returns on-line using BAP portal. Therefore it is essential that the participants to come with one year data (2013-2014) in the templates prescribed. The training would be conducted as per the following:
During the first half of the training session brokers will be trained on forms and BAP requirements over a demo presentation.
In the second half, brokers will be trained to file returns online.
Training venue
Insurance Institute of India, 
G  Block, Plot No C – 46, Near American Consulate,
Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai  400 501.   
The list of brokers from WEST ZONE who are required to attend this training programme along with date of training is enclosed. (Please download the attached pdf files 08-01-2015 and 09-01-2015 )
The user manual and the input submission guidelines document are also enclosed.(Please download the attached pdf file Broker Registration and Returns Submission User Manual)
It may be noted that ONLY one representative would be permitted from each Broking firm identified for this training programme and therefore, only the concerned staff who is responsible for filing the returns may be nominated for this training programme. It may also be noted that participants without the required data will not be permitted to attend the training programme.
The dates for the training programme for the remaining zones would be intimated separately.

Randip Singh Jagpal
Senior Joint Director
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