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Date: 26/04/2017
IRDAI’s Quarterly Journal
IRDAI’s Quarterly Journal
The objective of the IRDAI Journal which is being published over the span of several years has been to serve as a transparent medium for unfettered dissemination of information on various topics of insurance. As the regulator of the Insurance industry the intention is to bring to light the various issues, happenings and changes happening in the Insurance sector of India which would have an impact on all stake holders of the Insurance sector including the common public (policy holders). Hitherto, this has been accomplished by inviting and incorporating the well-informed contributions on various topics from the persons with a profound knowledge of Insurance and Insurance sector of India.
In wake of the recent amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 which would have a bearing on the Motor Insurance sector and given the fact that nearly 1.5 lakh citizens die every year in India due to vehicle accidents, we feel it is necessary to bring to the fore the various issues in the Motor Insurance sector in India. Accordingly, the topic for the April-June, 2017 Quarterly IRDAI Edition would be “Motor Insurance and Liability Insurance in India”.
Please make your valued contributions to the Journal in the form of articles pertaining to the topic mentioned by May 31, 2017 which would be evaluated by the Editorial Board before their inclusion in the final edition.
We are herewith attaching the guidelines to be followed by the contributors to the Journal while sending their articles along with the Declaration-cum-Undertaking which may be sent at . 
The author(s) are also requested to send one photograph in .jpg format along with a brief write up about the author(s).
Thanks & Regards,
J Anita, Editor
IRDAI Journal
IRDAI, Hyderabad.
M: 9866473932
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