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Title: Order
Reference No.: IRDA/HR/ORD/PER/205/10/2016
Date: 21/10/2016
Designating Central Public Information Officers under the Right to Informat, Oct 2016
The following officers are hereby designated as “Central Public Information Officers” in IRDAI in terms of Section 5(1) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 to discharge functions assigned under the Act.
Name and Designation of the CPIO (Shri/Smt/Ms)
M. Pulla Rao, ED
Accounts, Administration, Buildings, Internal Audit, Corporate Services, Human Resources & OLI
S.P. Chakraborty, GM
T.S. Naik, GM
Agency Distribution & Consumer Affairs
J. Anita, DGM
Communication Wing
P.K. Maiti, GM
Mamta Suri, CGM
F & A (Life & Non-life)
DVS Ramesh, DGM
S.N. Jayasimhan, GM
A.R. Nithiyanantham, CGM
Information Technology
J. Meenakumari, CGM
Randip Singh Jagpal, CGM
Intermediaries – Brokers
Marimuthu P, AM
Intermediaries – Surveyors, IMF & Adjudication
H. Ananthakrishnan, GM
V. Jayanth Kumar, GM
Yegna Priya Bharat, CGM
A. Venkateswarao Rao, GM
Sectorial Development & Vigilance
In terms of Section 5(2) of the RTI Act, 2005, the following Officers are designated as Central Assistant Public Information Officers (CAPIO) to discharge the functions assigned under the Act:
Name and Designation of the CAPIO
Name of Regional Office
Shri Deepak Khanna, Deputy General Manager
New Delhi
Shri Vikas Rane, Asst. Manager
This will be in addition to their normal duties and will come into force with immediate effect.
This order supersedes all earlier orders in respect of appointment of CPIOs.
(M. Pulla Rao)
Executive Director (Gen)
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